Summer of Code in Space


Organization Applications Open
Mar 4, 2019
Open source organizations that would like to participate as a mentor organization in this year’s program can apply and submit project ideas.
Organization Application Deadline
Mar 31, 2019
21:00 UTC
All organizations wishing to be a part of SOCIS 2019 must complete their application.
Projects Announced
April 4, 2019
Selected project ideas are published on the website. Interested students can now begin discussing those projects with mentor organizations. Students are free to discuss with more than one organization but finally need to agree on a single project.
Student Applications Open
Apr 11, 2019
Students can apply for one or more of the proposed project ideas.
Student Application Deadline
May 4, 2019
21:00 UTC
All students wishing to be a part of SOCIS 2019 must complete their application.
Student Projects Announced
end of May, 2019
Accepted students can now discuss with their mentoring organization the details on how to implement the project.
Jun – Sep, 2019
Students work on their SOCIS project for a period of 3 month. The student arranges with the mentor organization the exact date of when to start this coding period.
Sep 23 – 26, 2019
Mentor organization submit their evaluations of the students work.
Students Submit Code and Report
Sep 23 – 26, 2019
Students submit their code and a project report.
Results Announced
Oct, 2019
The outcome of this year’s program is published on the website.